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Finnish Committee for Research Data Tracing Data Project has published the first draft for a national data citation roadmap for Finland. About the project >>

The draft has been deposited to the Doria repository. When referencing the document, please use URN

PDF-tiedostoDraft for Data Citation Roadmap for Finland.pdf (988 kB)
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We invite all members of the Finnish research community to comment on the draft. Successful implementation of data citation practices in Finland requires broad consensus on necessary measures and roles of different actors.

Commenting is open until 13 October 2017. The next version of the roadmap will be co-developed based on the comments with stakeholders in a workshop on 20 October 2017 (more information at Final version of the roadmap will be published during November of 2017.


Download and read the draft above or on Doria, and send your comments in an e-mail to info[a]

Use the commenting tool on the Google Docs document (up right-hand corner) at

Tweet your views using the hashtag #dataviittaus and/or handle @FinCRD

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Remember, all input counts, from small details to big ideas! You can contribute in Finnish, Swedish and English alike.


Tracing data is a project commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Culture Open Science and Research Initiative and executed by the Finnish Committee for Research Data (FCRD).

The project was tasked with ‘[..] producing recommendations concerning data citation practices in Finnish research system, by way of consulting national research community, for example learned societies and national committees of science, and taking into consideration international discussions and developments in the area of data citation (especially in the realms of ICSU and CODATA).’ (excerpt from the contract between CSC - IT Center for Science, that coordinates the Open Science and Research initiative, and the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies, that houses the Council of Finnish Academies, which is the umbrella organisation for national committees of international scientific unions of ICSU).

The hands-on primary aim of the project has been defining the core elements of a data reference. Broader and more far reaching recommendations have been made with the data reference information model in mind. FORCE11 principles for data citation were recognised as an essential point of reference early on in the project. It was decided that they would be used as a framework for the national level implementation of data citation. This decision was based both on the quality and scope of the definitions, and the level of engagement of the international research data community behind them, as it is necessary to make the Finnish solutions interoperable with the global landscape.

Other important resources for the work have been for example the report and data from the Open Science and Research initiative open science maturity assessment for national research institutions, data policies of national research institutions, materials from the CODATA Data Citation Workshop series and outputs from several Research Data Alliance groups, especially the working group on dynamic data citation. 

The main output of the project is a roadmap document, that you can download above or read and comment as a google doc. The final document will be published by the end of 2017, after rounds of stakeholder consultation and co-design.

The project is coordinated by FCRD secretary Heidi Laine. The project management board consists of the following experts:

Management Board Chair, Project Director and Coordinator Ari Asmi, University of Helsinki
Head of Research Strategic Support Ella Bingham, Aalto University
Senior Adviser Juha Hakala, National Library of Finland
Director Helena Laaksonen, Finnish Social Science Data Archive
Director Petri Myllymäki, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology
Information Specialist Susanna Nykyri, Helsinki University Library

In addition, FCRD chair professor Pekka Orponen participates in the management group meetings and supervises the work as an FCRD liaison.